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Welcome to The Wrap Planet in Midland, Texas were we turn dreams into reality. We offer vinyl car wraps and surface stickers that give your vehicles and businesses a unique and stylish look.

Buckle up as we warp your expectations and transform the mundane into mesmerizing spectacles. 🚀

Let us help you get noticed with our custom vinyl wraps!

Window & Door Wraps

Vehicle & Trailer Wraps

Fleet Graphic Wraps

Professional Installation

The Wrap Planet has a team of skilled graphic technicians who can professionally wrap anything. Whether it's for a personal car, company vehicle, or an entire fleet of vehicles we have what you need. Not only do we wrap vehicles, we wrap almost anything including, trailers, windows, and doors. Check out some of our recent projects!

Erin Davis & Ricky Hickey of Wrap Planet

About Us

With years of experience we have been helping individuals and businesses all over Midland and Odessa Tx. Our goal is to make you look good and help you grow your business with our unique style and approach to industry specific materials.

We have a passion for helping our local clients here in Midland Tx. We can help launch and grow your ventures with topnotch logos, digital graphics, print materials and more.

We’ve assembled a team of creative superheroes who specialize in industry specific branding, marketing materials and content creation.

Fleet Graphics

Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps

Window, Wall, Floor & Door Wraps

A Universe of Surfaces

The Best Billboard Advertising You Can Buy!

Starting at $1,700

Metallics or Chrome Require a Quote

Starting at $3,500

Metallics or Chrome Require a Quote

Starting at $17/sq ft.

Special Pricing for Schools

Starting at $17/sq ft.

Metallics or Chrome Require a Quote


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Located in Midland-Odessa, Texas

A Universe of Surfaces

To the window, to the wall - We can wrap it all!

Cars • Trucks • Windows • Walls • Floors • Doors


Great for Marketing Your Business

Do you want to stand out from you local competitors In Midland and Odessa, Texas.

Convert your vehicle into a captivating moving billboard that commands attention. Effortlessly catch the eyes of future clients by getting your vehicle wrapped by our experts.

Elevate your business's visibility with professional door and window wrapping services. Our High-Quality Vinyl Wraps will elevate your business to another level.

Enhance your brand presence and protect your assets with our expert vehicle, door, window, and fleet vinyl wrapping services.


Value & Durability

These wraps are not just about aesthetics; they provide a layer of protection to the surfaces they cover.

Vinyl wraps shield vehicles, doors, and windows from various environmental factors. Including UV rays, minor abrasions, and weather-related wear and tear.

This durability not only keeps your branding intact but also helps maintain the overall condition of your assets. This makes vinyl wraps a smart cost effective investment for long-term brand visibility and asset preservation.


Schedule Service

Need someone who can come measure your location for window or wall wraps? Click below to get a quote from one of our wrap experts.


Brand Consistency

Whether it's a wrap for your car, a fleet of vehicles, or the entrance to your premises we have you covered.

Vinyl wraps ensure that your brand's message remains constant and powerful. Leaving a lasting impression on both existing and potential customers.

Express Your Style & Personality

Our team of experts wants to help you express yourself with our vinyl wraps. Whether that means changing your cars color to give you that new look, or adding a detailed design, we have what you need. We offer many colors, finishes, and designs that are perfect for you. Our graphic designers can bring your vision to life by taking your ideas and style and putting it all together in a vinyl wrap.

How to Prepare Pre Car Wrap

Before you dive into getting your car wrapped there are a few steps that can ensure a smooth and top-notch outcome. The most important being start with a thorough wash to rid your car of any dirt, grime, or wax residue. This helps ensure a squeaky-clean surface for the wrap to stick to. Also, for best results take care of any paint imperfections and scratches to avoid them showing through the wrap.

What to Expect Post Car Wrap

Once your car has been wrapped, maintaining its vibrant appearance requires some care. Regularly hand wash your vehicle with a mild detergent and a soft cloth, avoiding abrasive cleaners or brushes that could damage the wrap. Ensure that no harsh chemicals come into contact with the vinyl, as they might deteriorate its quality. When drying, use a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches or swirl marks.

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